Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years! The bike stays home, the shoes go out.

Sometimes it's just better not to ride...

Happy New Year RidingPretty

So the bike stays home. Be safe whatever you do!

Happy New Years !

Happy New Year Outfit by RidingPretty

Sequin top -- thrifted, a size 3X that worked perfectly as a mini.
Shoes-- vintage punk/new wave 1980's ShopThrifted
3D Glasses -- Polaroid Premium 3D, well I watch a lot of 3D and I want my own personal pair...



Pakistani fashion frocks styles.

 party frock dress.
 anarkali frock popular fashion style.
 modern long frock 2012.
 latest long frock design.
modern churidaar long frock fashion.

New Year's Eve Eve in Times Square, NYC...


Last night I went to a Broadway show a block away from Times Square. Since I've never done New Year's Eve there—and am pretty sure I'd never want to—I was still curious about what kind of mob scene was congregating on the eve of the 'big eve.' As expected, it was total craziness! Nice to see everyone so excited about tonight's festivities, though, so I hope they enjoy. Like most of you, I'll be watching the ball drop from TV.

Wishing everyone a fabulous 2012. Here's to a happy and healthy new year!

Nic's Hen Party Hand Luggage

We are all getting very excited because it is just a few weeks until we all jet off to Amsterdam for Nic's Hen Party (14 of us).  It got me thinking about products to pack to suit airline regulations for hand luggage.

For a quick airport exit we have decided to only take hand luggage. Which means minimal product to stay within the weight restrictions and also the rules for UK flights require that only 100ml liquid per product can be carried onto the aircraft.

 MAC do some great little travel skin care products called MAC Sized to go.
 These can be purchased individually and include cleansers and moisturisers to suit your skin type all within the 100ml rule for liquids.
I will be taking the Demi wipes, Oil Control Lotion and I just love the mini Fix+ which is great to refresh your skin during flights.
There is also the cutest little weeny Strobe cream which is a great radiance booster to the skin.
Radiance is definitely something my skin will be needing after a weekend of mayhem in Amsterdam!

Any other liquids,creams or pastes that are in large containers can be decanted into smaller travel bottles. Boots and Superdrug do some good ones as do Muji (my personal favorite).


I've also found some great mini body cream, shower gels and roll on deodorants from Boots. All packed into a little bag in case of spillages.
 I plan on decanting my own shampoo and conditioner into travel bottles but for those of you lucky enough to get away without having to wash your hair daily there are the mini Batiste dry shampoo sprays.
Not forgetting our beloved Travalo perfume atomizers which the Pixiwoo team always have in our handbags.
They are easy to fill up from any of your favourite fragrances and also provide hours of entertainment. 'Guess the fragrance' being a very popular game amongst us.

So excited, Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for embarrassing photos live and direct from Amsterdam.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Pakistani stylish frock fashion designs.

 stylish contrast chest design sleeves less modern frock design.
 stylish long frock contrast ribbon extension design ,chest design embrioded, churidaar trouser.
 sleeves less long contrast umberalla frock design.
Black churidaar frock embrioded front, chest design, popular fashion.

Dr Bragi Age Management Moisturiser

This is a fantastic moisturiser that I have been trying out for about 3 weeks and I am extremely pleased with how effective it has been. 
Dr. Jon Bragi created the line after his scientific findings and work based upon discovering new marine enzymes (in water) that had strong healing and therapeutic properties. He then decided to look at the enzyme technologies cosmetic potential and turned this potential into the creation of the unique Dr. Bragi skincare range. 

This is the only product I have tried from the range but it is brilliant at keeping my dry skin extremely healthy and constantly hydrated. After a few days of using it day and night, my skin looked much fresher and luminous and very soft to touch. Dr. Bragi recommends leaving it to work on the skin for around 15 minutes before putting any make-up on to the skin for it to reach its full potential. A little goes a long way with this product also and one pump is more than sufficient to fully cover the face and neck area. 

I love the innovative formula of this moisturiser, instead of a cream, it comes in a colourless gel-like consistency. It blends in easily without leaving residue and my skin feels fresh and breathable immediately afterwards. It is also completely oil free. 
The enzymes are also said to aid the cleansing and exfoliating process, so it is like having a variety of products combined into one compact bottle.
All this wonderfulness does however come with quite a hefty price tag, at £120 it is extremely high end as far as moisturisers go. Perhaps a rather huge investment, but a good one if you ask me. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pakistani bridal dresses designs.

Contrast wedding with long shirt design.
 bridal saree.
 bridal shakwaar kameez modern.
 silk embrioded contrast lehenga .
A line long bridal frock chest design, doted design, boarder embrioded design.

2012 Tweed Rides & Runs -- Updates to The Tweed Ride Report


The Tweed Ride Report by RidingPretty

New Tweed Rides Runs Coming in 2012!

Tweed Ride Cardiff UK - Jan 2
Tweed Ride Mobile AL - Jan 14
Cozy Hearth Tweed Ride - Chicago Feb 4
Tweed Ride Kansas City - Apr 14

2012 promises to be another incredible year!

Congratulations to Cardiff UK for hosting the first Tweed Ride of the Year on Jan 2nd! -- the official name is Cardiff Harris Hogmanay Tweed Ride.

I will continue to post the invites & posters for these Rides as I receive them. You will be able to find those invites & posters, updates and details in THE TWEED RIDE REPORT.

**If you've landed on this post for the first time, do check back! Find the new upcoming rides for the current month you're in by going to either The Tweed Ride Report or look for it in the current month's ride lists post. Or see dates and locations right here on the main page -- right over there on the sidebar listings.

I tweet updates regularly now. I will be checking for any updates you may tweet there as well. Simpler yet, just follow me on twitter where I've been happily tweeting new Tweed Ride & Tweed Run updates plus tweeting timely reminders for these rides.

Check these hash tags on twitter : #thetweedridereport -- #tweedride -- #tweedrun

**FB is another place I try to do Tweed Ride & Tweed Run updates as well.

MUA Eyeshadow Palettes

MUA is an incredibly affordable makeup brand with many of their individual products retailing at £1! 
I've been using two of the eyeshadow palettes from the range and not only are they incredible value, but they are surprisingly fantastic. Both palettes contain 12 versatile shadows for creating an abundance of looks, one of the palettes is called ‘Dusk Til Dawn’ which is a collection of warm and smoky shimmering shadows perfect for creating evening looks, and the other is ‘Pop Tastic’ which is full of bright and daring shades to create unique and colourful looks. Both palettes have such a great range of colours available at such a good price point, making each shadow very affordable.

MUA 'Pop Tastic' Palette

The packaging is really simple but for products as affordable as these, it is what’s on the inside that counts! 
The formulation of the shadows is excellent, as you can see from the pictures it has a finely milled texture therefore the colour pay off is great and the intensity of the shades remains the same as it appears in its packaging. All of the shadows have a shimmer finish which is a finish and in the Dusk Til Dawn palette, several of the shades are shot through with a really fine glitter, great for creating eye-catching party looks. The appearance of the glitter in the palette corresponds perfectly on to the eyelid and stays there for the wearing duration.

Due to their soft texture, the shadows are good to blend and work with, however I did find that they create quite a lot of fallout so watch out for that. The staying power is great, with little creasing or movement. During the festive season, I’ve been using colours from the Dusk Til Dawn palette but the Pop Tastic palette will be great for the gloomy months approaching!

MUA 'Dusk Til Dawn' Palette

At £4.50 each they are definitely worth trying out, and even if you think you will only wear a few of the colours in the palette, I am sure there will be a couple of colours in there for everyone, and at that selling price it is hard to resist! You can find these and the whole MUA range at Superdrug

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pakistani Churidaar frock fashion dresses.

 Modern style sleeves less churidaar frock latest design.
 full sleeves yellow chest design, boarder enmrioded design, churidaar frock with lace stitch dupatta.
 contrast chest design churidaar frock.
 Red anarkali style chest design embrioded work, golden and red ribbon stitch boarder churidaar frock.
Mehroon full sleeves churidaar frock chest design, lace patch boarder. embrioded dupatta. winter fashion churidaar frock.

Monday, December 26, 2011

We are away on holidays:))

Good people, we won´t be able to post for a week now:( but we have a good excuse:))) Going to celebrate New Years´ in Rome!!! Yaahhoooo!!

Well, we wish you all beautiful holidays and amazing celebration of New Years Eve!! Happy New Year people! Let it be better than 2011, more successful, less stressful, more nice surprises, less of that uncalled for, more love, better love and endless love!!! Ok everything is said:)
Big :*s and we will keep you posted,
Mu & Lilo

Pakistani women modern dresses designs.

 modern long frock sleeves less design.
 sleeves less modern churiaar shalwaar kameez design.
 contrast long modern frock design.

sleeves less embrioded long A line frock modern dress.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

10 feel-good dresses for New Years Eve

Now it is save to say that New Year´s eve is around the corner. And everyone, including us are looking around for that perfect dress to make the welcoming of the New Year as memorable as possible for themselves and others (maybe more for other? Hmmmm...:) One way or the other the dress needs to be found. People often ask what is a perfect outfit for such an occasion where no one is sure what others are going to wear, how ´dressed up´ the event actually is and so on. If you ask us, the answer will be a boring-banal one: comfortable. Well, it´s not meant as jeans-tee or jogging-pants comfortable, but something one feels perfect in. Something that is not ´too tight after a plate of the eve´s dinner´, ´too revealing in the cleavage´ or ´stresses too much those hips´. Of course we all know that all this is ´slightly´ exaggerated and very often totally untrue. But for a big friends´gathering, we must admit, each of us wants to look their best. Here we post 10 feel good outfits for the New Years Eve.

1. Feel good about flatter chest and not very defines waistline. A ruffled upper part with a down part starting around the hips is a perfect outfit to get some volume on the check and shift the focus from the waistline.

2. Feel good about a curvier mid-body in a loose A-formed dress in festive, golden sequins.

3. Feel good about the curvy body in a classical LBD with a thing belt and a cardigan in boucle to match. This outfit slims down any body type!

4. Feel good about fuller legs in a long stylish maxi with a belt and high heels to give it a dash of party! The black cover does also justice to the hips:)

5. Feel good about fuller hips a loose, ´falling´ dress with a belt in the waist. Need an extra lift? Platformed shoes is a good tips:)

6. Feel good about colours and elegance in outfits inspired of natural/ethnic elements. It doesn´t need to look as if you are going on a long hiking trip in the jungles.

7. Feel good about a fuller body in a maxi skirt a matching long top and a vest on top. Plus - high heels and the outfit does its mission of slimming.

8. Feel good about upper body of non standard proportions. A nice A-form dress in classic 60s style is a perfect outfit to serve that purpose.

9. Feel good about dresses and party-outfits in a simpler classical black dress. It doesnt need to be tight, too revealing or glittery. It can be simple, yet perfect for party.

10. Feel good about fuller breasts in a cross cut, V-neck dress. Btw this dress is also perfect to ´create´a lot of waistline and cover up the Christmas kilos on the sides and stomach:)
Mu & Lilo

wedding cars decorations.

wedding cars decorations.