Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kate Hudson - Looking Adorable on a Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

(photo credit: unknown)

So Simple & Fresh...What more to say? Kate is wearing a look so reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. Take note of this classic, beautiful Vintage Schwinn bicycle she is riding. She looks so casual yet playfully elegant


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am really pleased and excited to be featured on the Illamasqua website in the news section.  Also look out for Woman's Own magazine on the 8th June for a little story about Nic and I.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dream Bicycle List - Let's Go Shopping!

This is my dream bicycle wish list. These are bicycles I have dearly coveted for one reason or another. This list of mine was kept on Stylehive and was started Jan 2008. The location of this list became a little too user unfriendly for you the reader to see because it required you to join Stylehive first. This made it all way too buried and cumbersome for you to find and use it. So, I'd been wanting to simplify and bring the list to live here...just never got around to it until now. I've also added my newer finds too. So Voila!

Pashley Princess Sovereign
Recommended & Ridden by Girls and Bicycles
Update: Pashley direct link

Jorg & Olif the Scout
(the only model still being offered)

available via The Dutch Bicycle Company (Velobris is currently being phased out, limited stock)
update: Copenhagen Cyclery in Chicago is the new US dealer
Recommended & Ridden by Drunk and In Charge of a Bicycle

ABICI Women's
available through pedlars

(I like the cargo pick up model)

Breezer UpTown 8

Calfe Ghana
(the greenest, eco conscious bike on the planet, supports Ghana village bike builders)

Henry Work Cycles- City Bikes

Elecktra Amsterdam
Ridden by Super Model Agyness Deyn

Flying Pigeon
Recommended & Ridden by Righteous Metal Broad

available through CleverCycles

Azor Oma -Recommended & Ridden by ChangeYourLife.RideABike
also available through Dutch Bike Chicago

available through CleverCycles

Comptoir des Cotonniers
picture & info via Harper's Bazarre Editorial (very hard to find bicycle)

DiamondBack Kalamar Women's Hybrid
(I'm not so excited anymore, but the price is outstanding!)

Atala CittĂ  - Women's
(my most recent discovery)

Recommended & Ridden by ChangeYourLife.RideABike
Recommended & Ridden by LetsGoRideABike
Recommended & Ridden by Stylocycle




Violet Crown Cycles
(can you custom order a ladies, step through frame?)

UpDate: You can indeed order the step through frame, the Ma Ferguson!

Bobbin Bicycle
(my fave is the Bronx Vintage)


Simple City


A.N.T. Bikes
(the Boston Roadster via reader suggestion!)

(the Betty Foy via reader suggestion!)
Recommended & Ridden by LetsGoRideABike
Recommended & Ridden by Gentleman's Bike

** This list is alive and open for revisions and additional notes and comments!

***** As a final note:
Try buying local first. Buying local supports your local economy and your Local Bike Shop will appreciate your business! Also that way you can personally test ride a bicycle first. If you know for a fact the bike you want is not stocked locally and can not be ordered through your LBS, then you will have to go through a distributor and/or purchase online. I have no personal experience buying a bicycle this way. I would feel far more certain about making the right bicycle decision by test riding the bicycle first! More about this later.

********* If you know of anyone who rides any of the bicycles off this list and who is willing to recommend their bicycle, then I'd love to include that info and link back to the happy owner.

Too much info, too fast, don't know where to start? You may find this post 'Tips - Buying a Fashionable and Stylish Bicycle' relevant and helpful.

Update Aug 25th: A New Post you may find helpful - The Top Chic, Most Stylish Bicycles from Designers & Retailers.


Listen To Music Riding Your Bike...Beach Cruiser Bum

(music balloon via LikeCool)

What a great way to listen to your ipod while riding your bike! I just have to get one of these Music Balloons.


Off Being a Beach Bum...

(cut off's are heavily seed-beaded & thrifted Calvin Kleins, cuffed gladiator sandals UO, T-shirt just begging to be shredded, tiedyed or artfully painted to cover up the ancient old stains on it, my Murray beach cruiser 'freebie')

Sometimes you just wake up, don't bother brushing your hair, throw on some cut offs and the first clean t-shirt you can find and head off to the beach on a super low profile, rusty beach cruiser. Nothing could be simpler. 'Louche' Chic.

My sweet kitty, Lazslo who meowed to get into this shot, AND who has never agreed to get in my bicycle basket.

Have a Great Friday everyone!


On The Street...9th St. & 3rd Ave., NYC


Always fly: Robyn Fernandes

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Babe on Bicycle -- Babes in Bicycle 'Chic'ville Land

cyclechick.jpgAlign Center
(photo of Ellie by her Mom Emma)
According to Emma, her daughter Ellie is emphatic about choosing all her own 'riding attire' and does this entirely without any input from Mom... so here we have Ellie off for a bicycle ride. Quite the little cycle chic miss! Ah, and did you spot the matching pink fingerless riding gloves Ellie is wearing !!!!!
Thanks Emma for sending in this Darling photo!!

Also quite amazing are all the new Babes in Bicycle 'Chic'ville Land who all have very recently launched blogs. Listed below in no particular order or sequence... Let's go to each and every one and pay a visit!

Change Your Life. Ride a Bike
Bikes By The Sea
Charleston Cycle Chic

If you know of any other Bicycle 'Chic'ville blogs that are newly launched, please let me know! I want to help welcome everyone! Let's help bring to the world a uniquely feminine and dare I say non athletic, whimsical, perchance bohemian, and certainly enjoyable and softly pleasingly aesthetic to the existing Bike Culture as we know it.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Heron and The Heron

The Heron and The Heron....

( my 1970's vintage bicycle)

Until I can purchase a proper upright commuter bike like the very popular Batavus... (You know THE ‘must have’ bicycle as ridden by several of the cycle chic cognoscenti), well until then I ride my beloved 'PrettyBritty'. I've never seen another ladies 1960's Raleigh step through like mine around town. And by around town I mean Berkeley, San Francisco and now Santa Cruz my latest hometown. My bicycle is unique and a head turner, and so very recognizable. The artisanal helmet cover prototypes which I am always testing out always get heads turning as well!

I am a lollygag rider. I have no bike to work commute to speak of. I mainly work out of my home studio. Occasionally I work with a hi-tech start-up. Either way I have an indecently short bike to work commute.

So where do I go when I do ride my bike? I go for leisure rides to enjoy the beauty of the place I live in. I go downtown to partake in my favorite activity which is to frequent the excellent thrift stores in pursuit of recyclables for use in the making of my helmet covers. I also primarily dress from vintage and thrift store finds so I’m always on the hunt for a new vintage frock to wear! I go downtown to shop the art stores for supplies, downtown for cafĂ© outings, downtown for Farmer’s Market, and so forth.

I am still in recovery from the ‘nervous nellies’ after several close encounters with near death while city bicycle riding some years back, PLUS caring for a friend after a head injury sustained from a bike accident with a car. So to cope, I began to seek out walk-able and bike friendly communities as a priority as to where I would be living ultimately. Now when planning all of my bicycle routes, what I do is to take the LONG way. I chose the quiet back roads. Here in Santa Cruz there are beautiful dedicated bicycle path ways. That’s what I am sharing with you in the pictures you’re seeing today. The bicycle path you see in the photo goes along the San Lorenzo River. It takes you downtown, though from the photo you'd never guess you were a just few short blocks away from the heart of downtown!

Update: An anon reader over at Thom's Old Bike Blog suspected my bicycle was circa 1970's.
Anon...I bumbled back here and found your comment last night. Becoming OCD driven I researched and researched. Oh my gosh, you're right!

I purchased this bike off SFCraigslist. In the ad it was advertised & listed as circa 1968. I totally trusted the previous owner's word...he worked his entire life in bike shops and had a major collection of various bikes going back 30 plus years. He himself bought the bike from American Cyclery in SF in the early 90's, at least that's what he said anyway.

So What is the telltale identifier? It's the Raleigh lettering. Slanted (like what's on my bicycle) means it's from the 1970's and later and upright lettering means it's from the 1960's or earlier. So there you have it.

For about 2 hours I was really upset and thought about recontacting the person I bought it from. I decided against it. I like my bicycle, so that's that.

Thom... I guess if you want you can change the title of this post to reflect the correct age of this bicycle.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Mathilda's Bicycle -- Bike Riding Fashion from Sweden

(via thejuicydetails)

Thanks Mathilda. This is just an incredible photo of you on your bicycle.
Mathilda has a very fun blog, all about her life in Sweden...and being the very stylish vixen that she is.


Art Bicycles - Wheelie Art

Sharing these photos I snapped from the Kinetic Art Ride in Santa Cruz....


Art Bicycles - Kinetic Art Ride

Sharing these photos I snapped from the Kinetic Art Ride in Santa Cruz....

on a spiritual trip -- Buddha Bike!!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

A little explanation.

i'm sorry sam, but i don't get it... :((
you said that we should avoid stuff like mac msf because they don't photograph very well.
then how come we see pictures of celebrities that have a beautiful glow to their skin?
I can think of jessica alba, her skin looks gorgeous every time! what product might she use for that?

The best way for me to answer this is with these pictures. The usually flawless Catherine Zeta Jones has an iridescent bronzer all over her face. You can see the results are less than flattering. 
Likewise, Eva Longoria is not at her best. She has a light reflective concealer underneath her eyes making her undereye area appear much lighter than the rest of her face. 
Kim Kardashian's  friends could have used a different concealer too.
Stars like Jessica Alba are far more likely to wear dewy foundations (like Chanel Vitalumiere) that leave the skin with a slight sheen and strategically placed highlighters (high points of face)

WONDER-Full XI: A Tribute To Stevie Wonder...BK Studio Lofts, Brooklyn

It was all Stevie, all night long as DJ Spinna and Bobbito (a.k.a. Kool Bob Love) hosted the annual "WONDER-Full: Tribute To The Wonders Of Stevie" party Saturday night at BK Studio Lofts in Brooklyn. Like every year, the place was packed, the music was pumping and the dance floor was jumpin' off — a wonderful time indeed!

Kool Bob Love

Hands Up: a packed dance floor and smiling faces...definitely one of my favorite things

The trend of the evening: fedora hats for him (and her) in all varieties...

Silk dress + pretty bow = me likey

The hair, the big earrings, the black pants...I love girl who works her look

A sea of Stevie fans. Until next year...