Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

This product has been on the counter for quite a while now and it really is a brilliant creation in the mascara stakes - a mascara designed particularly for those awkward and fine bottom lashes. It is about half the size of a regular mascara tube and the wand is very small which makes for accurate results. It works wonders on the bottom lashes, the small element to the wand ensures that there is no smudging and separates the lashes with ease and although not waterproof it is tubing so does not budge throughout the day.

You can use it as an all over mascara but of course it has a specific purpose and has been created for the bottom lashes, so although it is not just a general mascara I think investing in it will transform the lashes because it really does make a difference. It allows for precise application, evenly separating and defining each lash on the bottom with no clumping because of its smaller benefits. It also is so quick to apply, no more messing about with a big wand trying to make it even and presentable, it simply grabs each lash so quickly and lengthens and defines it with ease. It is also really good for the inner and outer corners of the top lashes because with the small wand you can easily reach the ones that often a bigger wand would miss.

The packaging has a sweet floral design and its small size makes it easily identifiable in a make up bag, it also has an element of charm because it is so small! Clinique bottom lash is available worldwide and retails at £10 in the U.K so is not overly expensive but perhaps seems a little bit more than you might think because it is for a specific purpose - but it really is worth it!

PSA fashion show 2011

Pakistan women dresses new fashions.

 sleeve less printed lawn frock extension with doted lace.

 simple shafoon long frock with golden lace extension banarsi silk chest.

 sleeve less embrioded long frock patch with red ribbon edge.

 printed lawn frcok dress 2011.

 Off whit silk frock with extension of banarsi patti lace, shafoon salevees.

 latest boutique style lawn frock.

 Contrast ebmrioded  shalwaar kameez shaking pink kameez golden shalwaar shafoon dress.

 boutique style frock with extension of dark mehroon banarsi patch.

lehenga with long shirt embrioded lawn dress.

Cool stuff: Westfield Stratford

You know, we are always hunting for cool, creative stuff in the fashion world. During this hunting trip today we found out that on the 13. september a shopping centre, Westfield Stratford, will be opened in London, which claims to become the largest urban shopping centre in Europe. That event is probably less interesting for us, non-London-residents (still, it's good to know it, in case any of us is planning a shopping trip down to the true metropolis of old Europe). But what caught our attention was this very cool promo video for the centre which takes you back to the fashion history of London. So: 100 years of London fashion in 100 seconds:

Mu & Lilo

Pakistan new frock dresses.

 new style off white embrioded long frock shaking pink ribbon with dupatta.

 red anarkali frock embrioded with extension of banarsi lace.

 kaftan frock style.

 banarsi long frock open A line style with red enbrioded dupatta.

Multi colours banarsi lehenga with long frock bridal dress.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last week of summer fashion from Armenia

Autumn is everywhere - in the air, in the shop-windows and in the warm soup on the table. To lighten up the autumn mood with some summer, photos from the last week of Summer 2011 from sunny Armenia:

Wish you a wonderful last summer day!

Mu & Lilo

Pixi Succulent Lip Twin

Pixi's Lip Twin is a pretty cool and innovative product. In one small tube there is a coloured lip balm and also a cheek and lip tint. I have the 'Coral Camellia' shade, which is a bright slick of warm pink, but there are three other shades to choose from. It is a very practical product that travels well so you can apply it for whenever you need an instant hit of colour on the face or the lips. 

When you take off the lid, hidden in the cap, it reveals the solid lip and cheek tint like this.... 

The cheek and lip tint, in this colours case, is very bright but when it is applied to the face it provides a dewy and healthy colourful glow that is buildable if you want a brighter look. It makes the skin appear radiant and awake and although it is dewy the colour intensity lasts and the shape doesn't budge. I have mainly been using it on my cheeks but it can be used as a subtle tint on the lips, it is different to the balm as it is not as glossy or as bright but perfect for a quick pick-me-up on the cheeks and lips.

When you unscrew the base of the balm it reveals the lip balm....

The balm is soft and smooth with a considerable colour pay off, that leaves a healthy glow and shine and long lasting nourishment, leaving the lips soothed and healed.

The Lip Twin benefits from and contains aloe vera to sooth, jojoba oil to moisturise, lavender extract to calm, vitamin E for protection and shea butter to nourish, so there is a lot going on in a small tube! It definitely lets these qualities shine through and work effectively.

This is a hand bag friendly product, that can transform and brighten a look or that you can use as a perk-me-up as and when you need it. A must have.

The Lip Twin retails and £12 and is available here

Monday, August 29, 2011

pakistan latest fashions dresses.

 navy blue with green boarder long shirt straight trouser.

 A line shafoon dark green long shirt black bell bottom trouser.

 sleeve less deep red long shirt chooridaar white trouser.

 A line long shirt embrioded with extensions of ribbon new fashion.

A line frock style embrioded chooridaar latest fashion.

Landscapes Cyprus.

 Limasol beach Cyprus.

 Pervollia village boundaries Larnaca district Cyprus.

 Palm beach larnaca Cyprus.

 Grand resorts limasol Cyprus.

Larnaca beach view Cyprus.      Cyprus is the beautiful island in Mediterranean sea. One of the best palace in the world for tourists.All these landscapes are more beautiful in real to see with eyes. I had a best experience in cyprus when i was there, i had a lot of memories from Cyprus.  

Miss Moss 1969

I adore this shoot from a 1969 issue of life magazine. I must have those tights!

Source: MissMoss

Pakistani girls fashions.

 long sleeve less frock  contrast shaking pink broshia dupatta new fashion.

Sea green Embrioded sleeve less tea pink long kameez.

 A new style of shalwaar kameez.

 modern silk shalwaar kameez.

shafoon sleeves Embrioded Daman latest shalwaar kameez.

MTV Music Video Awards 2011: Worst dressed event?!?:)

We are usually not much into events, but more into beautiful outfits. But somehow going through different websites and watching photos on a lazy, rainy Monday evening, we couldn't stay indifferent to how bad-dressed 'this party' was! MTV Video Music Awards - MVMA 2011 that took place in LA yesterday evening, could successfully be called MTV Bad Taste Party 2011:)

Britney Spears could never boast special fashion interest or knowledge, so this tasteless outfit is forgiven!

Have no idea who Ashley Rickards is, but we want to be nice and give her sisterly advice: Don't wear this outfit again! Throw it, but keep the pumps!

Deena Cortese, we don't like that hardly there Rainbow dress;(

Jessie J doesn't even have outfit to comment on. Lots of glitter + underwear doesn't necessarily make an outfit!

 Kreayshawn. Where do we begin?... Lalala...

Jenni Farley has chosen a nice dress, but forgotten the Golden Rule of style. If you bare your up, you must cover your down:) And/at least choose less flashy make-up or more covered shoes. In a word, this was too much exposure for one event! 

 Katy Perry, likes to surprise, not always nicely!

Kelly Rowland chose a dress that includes all the trends of the season in the same outfit. It wasn't very wise obviously!

Kim Kardashian usually we have big respect for, for the choice of flattering outfits and always looking her best. But this dress we can't really call flattering! That lavish body could carry something less glittery and tight with the same super sexy effect! 

Lil Mamma. That dress we could live with, but not those shoes... Yes, in this case it is important what we could live with!

Have no idea who Mika Newton is, but she definitely needs a style consultant if this is how the rest of her wardrobe looks like.

Miley Cirus has never been a style icon, and she has no chance of becoming one if she continues wearing dresses like this one for events.

Nicky Minaj... Creds for being able to carry this outfit full of imagination! And what's also positive it can be torn to pieces, and all those toys can be given to charity. This is all the positive we could say about this outfit:)

Selena Gomez has a dress that doesn't flatter her age or profession. We don't like!

Thanks God that Zoe Saldana, Beyonce, Katie Holmes and Louise Roe agreed to be a part of the event and style up the event a bit!:)

Wish u a day full of smiles :)

Mu & Lilo