Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 2: Rock Steady Crew 34th Anniversary, Outdoor Concert

It's the grand finale of the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary: The free outdoor concert, held once again at Lincoln Park in Newark, NJ on Sunday, July 31st. This year's lineup included performances by the Cold Crush Brothers, Keith Murray, Rahzel, The Large Professor, and so many more. But the highlight of the concert for me was the amazing performance by the crew themselves (see the video below). Here's to another year—happy anniversary, Rock Steady!
(Another shout out to photographer, Joe Conzo and to Photo Rob for your always-incredible pictures.)

Group Hug: The crew huddling before their show.

The real Rock Steady:



 Watch the video of the performance:

Lauren Macé, enjoying the show.

B-girl and Rock Steady member, Renegade, who also happens to be an incredible masseuse, was kind of enough to work her magic on us backstage. Working out those knots isn't always a pleasant feeling, though, especially when you have a lot of tension in your shoulders, like Legs. At least she's always smiling while inflicting the pain.

D-Stroy from the Lunch Breaks Show and photographer, Joe Conzo.

Brothers from another mother: Q-Unique and Crazy Legs.
The Lineup: (left to right) Stage manager superstar, the fabulous Lea Maxwell, moi, the man who helps make it all happen, Sab Serrano, b-boy Ynot, b-girl Feenx, Feenx's parents, Rachel and Art, Big Jeff.

The lovely, Mona Liza Reyes and Sab Serrano.
In all the years I've been covering the Anniversary on my blog, I've never shown pictures of the marketplace inside the concert. It's really cool. And the food...! I look forward to it every year. When I'm not hanging out backstage, you can usually find me roaming around this area. Here's a few great pictures I found on a blog called WORXlife.

Maestro of beats, DJ DV One.

While performing, the legendary Cold Crush Brothers summoned Crazy Legs onto the stage to sing a song with them—a spoof on Toni Braxton's "Breath Again" (later, Legs admitted he thought for sure he was about to get roasted).
Always appreciative of the fans, Crazy Legs showing love to the crowd.

An interview with Keith Murray backstage.

Keith signing autographs over a fence—what a guy.

After many hours (and layers of dirt): Lea Maxwell and I crashing out in the backseat of the car on the way home.

Until next year...The big 3-5!

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