Monday, August 29, 2011

MTV Music Video Awards 2011: Worst dressed event?!?:)

We are usually not much into events, but more into beautiful outfits. But somehow going through different websites and watching photos on a lazy, rainy Monday evening, we couldn't stay indifferent to how bad-dressed 'this party' was! MTV Video Music Awards - MVMA 2011 that took place in LA yesterday evening, could successfully be called MTV Bad Taste Party 2011:)

Britney Spears could never boast special fashion interest or knowledge, so this tasteless outfit is forgiven!

Have no idea who Ashley Rickards is, but we want to be nice and give her sisterly advice: Don't wear this outfit again! Throw it, but keep the pumps!

Deena Cortese, we don't like that hardly there Rainbow dress;(

Jessie J doesn't even have outfit to comment on. Lots of glitter + underwear doesn't necessarily make an outfit!

 Kreayshawn. Where do we begin?... Lalala...

Jenni Farley has chosen a nice dress, but forgotten the Golden Rule of style. If you bare your up, you must cover your down:) And/at least choose less flashy make-up or more covered shoes. In a word, this was too much exposure for one event! 

 Katy Perry, likes to surprise, not always nicely!

Kelly Rowland chose a dress that includes all the trends of the season in the same outfit. It wasn't very wise obviously!

Kim Kardashian usually we have big respect for, for the choice of flattering outfits and always looking her best. But this dress we can't really call flattering! That lavish body could carry something less glittery and tight with the same super sexy effect! 

Lil Mamma. That dress we could live with, but not those shoes... Yes, in this case it is important what we could live with!

Have no idea who Mika Newton is, but she definitely needs a style consultant if this is how the rest of her wardrobe looks like.

Miley Cirus has never been a style icon, and she has no chance of becoming one if she continues wearing dresses like this one for events.

Nicky Minaj... Creds for being able to carry this outfit full of imagination! And what's also positive it can be torn to pieces, and all those toys can be given to charity. This is all the positive we could say about this outfit:)

Selena Gomez has a dress that doesn't flatter her age or profession. We don't like!

Thanks God that Zoe Saldana, Beyonce, Katie Holmes and Louise Roe agreed to be a part of the event and style up the event a bit!:)

Wish u a day full of smiles :)

Mu & Lilo

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